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RR Ear Care Services UK

The first private ear care clinic in the UK founded in 2002

 Rosemary Rodgers Ear Care Services

Clinical Director: Keith Graham   RHAD. HPC reg. FHP. Sac Dip.

From October 1st 2013 this company is now owned, managed and directed by Keith Graham a Registered Independent Clinical Ear Care Audiologist


What is provided

Earwax removal for people with blocked ears and whistling hearing aids.

Advice about ear problems and how to maintain ear health.

For bespoke ear care training provided by ear care trainers who have been trained and assessed by Dr Rosemary Rodgers, contact Alison Lomas (Learning and Development Service Manager) either by telephone on 01606 544918 or mobile 07825 103911; email


Evidence Based Earwax removal

It is unnecessary to use olive oil for days or weeks prior to having ears cleared of earwax (saturate). There is no evidence to support this action: research shows that this action greatly increases the bulk of ear wax and oil in the ear canal. The olive oil spray with a measured dose (0.05ml) is effective to aid removal of earwax if used as an instrument by the clinician spraying it in the client's ears immediately prior to removing the earwax (lubricate).


Who am I?

Keith Graham RHAD. HPC reg. FHP. Sac Dip.

I qualified as a Hearing Aid Audiologist in 1998 and worked in hearing and healthcare for large organisations for the first 6 years.

I developed a desire to assist my clients with their hearing problems on a more personal level. This lead me to become independent in 2004 running my business Clear Hearing (UK) Ltd from our offices in Rotherham.

As a dispenser of hearing aids I have enjoyed the daily challenge of helping people overcome their hearing problems. It has always frustrated me that I have had to refer clients to their G.P. for ear wax removal. This in mind and wishing to advance my skills I qualified as a practicing ear-care clinician in 2011 under the guidance of Dr. Rosemary Rodgers.

Since then I have helped many people overcome their blocked ear problems when the usual NHS route has not been available or has been too inconvenient.

My focus is on the client, treating them as an individual, promoting a high standard of ear care and ear health. Please contact me directly on 07970 667136 for advice on my service.

Clients come to visit (or I will visit their homes when they are unable to come to me) for ear treatments and ear care advice and also regular ear checks and ear wax removal to prevent ear canal blockage occurring. They come from up to a 100 mile radius. From Lincolnshire, South, West and North Yorkshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire and Leicestershire. .


Mission Statement

This company will

  • Prioritise a health promoting and preventive approach to ear care and will foster people's responsibility for their own ear health and well being.
  • Focus our services to provide individual, appropriate ear care in the appropriate setting.
  • Work together with people for better ear health.
  • Regularly update ear care knowledge through our research and literature reviews to pass this knowledge on through our clinical training courses.

Contact Details

Keith Graham at RR Ear Care Services


Parkgate Mobility Centre,
Effingham Street,
Rotherham S65 1BL

Mobile: 07970 667136


Location Map

Ear Care Services clinic is situated at the junction of Effingham Street & St. Ann's Road (A633) in Rotherham:.

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